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Scintillate. To twinkle as the stars. To be witty, brilliant in conversation

Tangible (adj) Discernible by the touch; material or substantial. Real rather than imaginary.

Ardent (adj) Glowing with feeling or zeal; passionate. Burning.

Inquisitive (adj) Inquiring; eager for knowledge. Unduly curious; prying.

Ensnare (v) to trap.

Escape (v) To slip or get away, as from confinement or restraint. To slip away from or elude. To fail to be noticed or recollected. An act or instance of escaping.

Tenacious (adj) holding on firmly; a tenacious grip. Highly retentive, as memory. Persistent or obstinate.

Laconic (adj) Using few words.

Despondent (adj) depressed or dejected.

Preempt (v) to acquire or appropriate beforehand.

Magnanimous (adj) generous in forgiving.

Analogy (n) A partial similarity in particular circumstances on which a comparison may be based.

Ostracise (v) to exclude by general consent from society, privileges, etc.

Rampant (adj) in full sway; unchecked.

Enigma (n) somebody or something puzzling or inexplicable.

Affinity ~ (n) a natural liking for, or attraction to, a person or thing. Close resemblance.

Omnipotent: (adj) almighty; all-powerful.

Benevolent: (adj) desiring to do good for others. Intended for benefits rather than profit.

Adorn: (v) to make more attractive. To lend beauty to, as ornaments; decorate.

Nostalgia: (n) A longing for home, family and friends, or the past.

Augment: (v) To make larger; increase.

Chisel: (n) A steel tool with a cutting edge for shaping wood, stone,, etc. To work with a chisel.

Culpable: (adj) Deserving blame or censure.

Abhor: (v) To regard with repugnance; loathe.

Alias: (adj) An assumed name; another name.

Antithesis: (n) Opposition; contrast. The direct opposite of or to.

Abscond: (v) to depart in a sudden and secret manner, especially to avoid facing legal action.

Ineffable: (adj) That cannot be uttered or expressed.