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Rules for use

  • Members of The Writing Resource must not share protected material to unauthorised people.
  • Members must not engage with offensive language
  • The Writing Resource has a no-tolerance policy towards harassment and bullying online and reserve the right to remove comments and terminate accounts

Data protection

  • The Writing Resource takes member contact privacy seriously. We do not sell contact information on and only share to authorised and necessary tools. ie, Mailing services and CRMs such as HubSpot that allow us to distribute our resources to members
  • See our privacy policy for a full run down


  • The Writing Resource reserves the right to terminate a members access to our services based on payment failures, failure to adhere to expected conduct, and for any other valid reason.
  • Termination may happen immediately and without warning

Payment terms

  • At current, there is no cost of access to the membership. However, as of February 2019 costs will come into play for continued access to the platform.
  • The Writing Resource reserves the right to unilaterally make price changes, however customers will be sufficiently notified of things through appropriate channels.
  • Costs are likely to be subscription based but this will be confirmed at a later date.
  • If members fail to pay their membership fee, they have a grace period of 14 days to resolve the issue. But if membership remains unpaid, their membership will be canceled.
  • If a member wishes to cancel their membership, please email us at madeleine@thewritingresource.com.au

Changes to membership terms

  • The Writing Resource reserves the right to unilaterally change these terms when required, however, members will be notified of any changes.

Liability disclaimers

  • The Writing Resource makes no express warranties or representations as to the quality and/or accuracy of the content of this website. We limit our liability to the fullest extent allowed by law. We will not be liable for any unintentional damage, any actual, incidental, or consequential damage, or for any loss or claim of any kind.

Services offered by Third Parties

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