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    • Madeleine
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      A Planner is a writer who knows exactly what they’re going to write about. They plot out their story with fully fledged characters, complete maps, and intricate details.

      While a Pantser sits down to a blank page and just starts writing.

      Of course, some people sit in between but usually, you’re more one than the other.

      So, which are you? Planner or Panster?

    • Emikouts
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      I’m for sure a pantser, I have a variety of stories in my head and on paper but I haven’t finished any of them and probably continue to start a story again and again without finishing and is in need of help with having my story structured and be planned out better than it is.

    • Emery
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      Definitely a Plantser. I start an outline/writing ideas down, then get impatient with that and start writing.

      And like Emikouts, I also start many stories, finishing only a few (eg assignments/super short stories)…

Viewing 2 reply threads
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