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7 Ways to Get Over Writer’s Block

You’re sitting there, staring at the screen. It’s endlessly white, the starkness of it scorching your eyes as they glaze over, unblinking and empty. There’s just that one black blinking line mocking you. You can’t think of a single word to write. Welcome to the hell of writer’s block.

Writer’s block is the incredibly frustrating moment every author faces when they simply cannot get words out on the page – no matter how they squint their eyes or scrunch their face. Inspiration doesn’t always strike when we want it to, so oftentimes we’re faced with the ominous, menacing force of The Blank White Page. Words might evade you, plots might flitter away, while characters hide in the shadows. Overcoming writer’s block can seem like an impossible task when you’re faced with it, but never fear, we have 7 ways to get yourself writing again!

7 Ways to Get Over Writer’s Block

  1. Listening to music

Whether you’re listening to the soundtrack for Harry Potter or shuffling your Power Playlist take a moment to actually consider the words you’re belting out or lip-syncing. By listening to the mood, words, and beat of the music you might actually get struck by an idea. Whatever it might be, even if it is just a scene or a character, write it out!

 Listen to music to help overcome writer's block

  1. Pick a random object

Seriously, walk around your room and pick up five objects. Maybe a glass jar, a (faux) leather notebook, an old pen, a dishevelled shoe, a worn bag. Next, sit down and write about it. What is its story? Where did it come from? Why is it important?  Who does it belong to? What can it do?

 Use objects as inspiration to beat writer's block

  1. Go for a walk

As you’re moving keep an ear out for unusual conversations and anything that looks a little peculiar. You can also apply this to coffee outings and train trips. Simply be observant. It will get your mind moving and perhaps an idea will walk by.

  1. Scout locations

Looking up beautiful (holiday) locations online and you might just find the perfect destination for a scene in your novel. I love using Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest for this. (Or Airbnb works too, and then you can actually go holiday there. *sighs dreamily*). Also keep an eye out for friends holiday shots online, computer screen wallpapers, and sci-fi-style landscape artworks. You never know what might get your imagination stirring.

Landscape imagery can inspire you to beat writer's block

  1. Find inspiration in fiction.

Go and pick up a book from your bookshelf right now. Open it up to a random page, close your eyes and point to a line. Then, run with it. Build a short story from that line. Take a character from a history book. Or pick a quote from one of your favourite authors and start there. Check out a new movie and steal a background character’s plot. Take a personality, a smile, a signature look from a television series. Find inspiration from the fiction you love. (Just don’t be a complete copycat!)

Use fiction to overcome writer's block

  1. Meditate

When facing writer’s block your brain goes quiet, which is exactly when it’s meant to be noisy. So, naturally, when you meditate and you’re meant to clear your brain, you will find you cannot stop the flow of words. You’re bound to find something interesting floating about it that head of yours! So get it out on paper.

  1. Writing Prompts

Similar to finding objects around your room, use writing prompts to get your creativity into gear. If you’re a member with us, you can check out our writing prompts, or one of my favourites is @writing.prompt.s on Instagram!

Now, stop procrastinating and start writing! Any of these methods are perfect to get you actually writing, whether or not they end up in your novel. Sometimes, all you need is a warm up to get your brain thinking.

We’d love to hear from you, so, let us know in the comments below your favourite methods for breaking writer’s block!


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