5 Reasons Why You Need Grammarly large copy

5 Reasons Why You Need Grammarly

*This is not a sponsored post*

Grammarly is a free editing tool that works as an extension to your browser and as an add-on to your word docs. It is a must-have tool for all writers, students, professionals, academics, bloggers, and anyone with a computer. There’s a paid version but the free version offers 150 critical grammar mistakes and spelling checks which, personally, is all I need (though I’m sure some English Academics would disagree). Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you need Grammarly in your life!

1. It stops those embarrassing mistakes

If you’re using the web extension, Grammarly edits as you go and save you from making those embarrassing mistakes before you roast your sibling on Facebook (like getting ’your’ and ’you’re’ mixed up — it happens to the best of us). Best of all, because it’s a web extension it works on literally every website with a text box.

2. It is super easy to use

Grammarly’s web extension is automatic, so simply set and forget and let it do its magic. The word doc add-on is super simple too, with its own tab on the ribbon, and logical functioning. Simply scroll through your work and see the suggestions.

3. It’s free.

I mean, what more convincing do you need? A free tool that pretty much thinks for you. Yes, please.

4. Grammarly is perfect for those late nights of I’m-barely-awake work

Speaking of thinking for you — Grammarly is the best solution for those I-just-pulled-an-all-nighter-to-finish-this-and-my-grammar-is-now-nonexistent assignments. As a uni student, I can confidently say Grammarly is a lifesaver.

5. It knows where you need improvements

Grammarly even tracks your mistakes and emails you a weekly progress report, detailing your writing streak, productivity levels, accuracy, and your most common mistakes. Which, I guess, could be a positive uplifting experience if it tells you that you were more productive than 99% of Grammarly users, or perhaps more negative when you discover that you left a comma out 120 times. Oops. But at least you’ll know that Grammarly had you back for every single one of those missing commas.

While I consider Grammarly a personal hero, it does have a few weak spots. As with any automated tool, it doesn’t always get it’s suggestions right, but when it does get it wrong (which is not that often), it’s usually a sign that you’ve really muddled up your sentence — Just speaking from experience here.