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13 Spooky Writing Prompts for Friday 13th

It’s Friday 13th October, so, in favour of all things creepy and supernatural, we thought we’d help you get into the ghostly mood with 13 Spooky Writing Prompts! So settle down in a dark corner, light a candle if you need to, and don’t get jumpy from the howling in the night (we’re almost certain it’s just the wind). Take some advice, and steer clear of black cats and broken mirrors, and instead stay safe and use the tingles up your spine to inspire your next eerie story. 

So without further ado, you can read through our spooky writing prompts below, or if you’re a member, take these prompts with you for some extra atmospherical image prompts!

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Spooky Writing Prompts

    • So you just found out that vampires are real. But they’re not the sparkly kind and garlic doesn’t offend them. You’re now in the fight for your life.
    • You were on your way home after a late night shift but you had to stop by for petrol. When you wander into the station to pay, you see a masked man leaning over the apparently unconscious body of the station worker. What happens next?
    • “How old am I? You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” She smiled wistfully. You felt tense. But surprising yourself, you began to wonder, not what she was, but what she had lived through.
    • It’s pouring with rain. You’re freezing cold, wet right through, and you’re stranded by your broken down car. It feels like the start of a horror movie, you can practically hear the tense music swelling. But when you knock on the front door of the first and only house you see for miles you soon discover that something far more sinister is afoot.
    • You’re reading outside one day when something compels you to your feet and down into the dark trees. You suddenly find yourself alone and lost. Until a creature appears in front of you. You can’t look away. All the stories about fairies did not prepare you for this strange spindly thing with eyes the colour of tar.
    • “Can’t we just shoot them?” You look at her deadpan. She just looked ahead, unsettled, arms crossed.
    • Today is the day. You’re finally going over to your best friend’s house for the first time. All the years of convincing have paid off! Sure their family isn’t home, and they have no pets to meet. But it’s something right? The only thing is, their family is home. And there’s something a little off about them.
    • Abseiling is your profession. You’re a few days into your latest solo hike and everything is going well. It’s quiet and peaceful. Perfect for reflecting. Except when you stumble upon a body. It’s still warm. You can only hope you truly are alone in this maze of trees.
    • You’re sat, glass in hand on the roof of your new apartment building staring at the new full moon. Sure, your apartment is small, in a more dodgy part of town and consistently smells like cigarettes. But it’s your very own home. And it has a great view of the city rooftops. Especially of the small hunched figure that leaps from building to building. You put down the glass.
    • “Things aren’t always as bad as they seem.”
      “Yes, they’re often worse.”
    • Your younger sibling disappeared into thin air. But apparently, no one else remembers they ever existed. Not even your parents. You’re distraught, inconsolable, and impossibly confused. Then you discover why everyone pretended not to know what happened. Then you understand.
    • “So, it’s your fault he did that?” 
      “Well, it was a dare. I didn’t think he’d actually do it.”
    • It’s inexplicable. You just feel it. An unsettled bubbling in your stomach. The hairs on your arms prickling and your eyes flittering over every face you pass as you walk. It’s as though you’re being watched.


  13. What did you think of our spooky writing prompts? We’d love to read your responses to them, so don’t be afraid to reach out on social media or comment below! And don’t forget The Writing Resource members can download a free copy of these prompts to use whenever the mood strikes!



13 Spooky Writing Prompts

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