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The aim of this website is to provide a resource for writers young and old. Here you will find fanciful, odd words and what they mean with our Words of the Day. You’ll be inspired by our ever-growing Quote Collection, and discover inspiring poems and book excerpts to ignite the creative flame. Unearth momentous playlists to help you write the penultimate scene; or the perfect battle soundtrack for your characters to clash to. Warm up your imagination or overcome writer’s block with our writing prompts. Or find your next great read with our book reviews. But perhaps most importantly we’ll review writing resources for you. So let us keep you up to date with the latest apps, tutorials, and techniques. We’ll trial them so you don’t have to!


The Writing Resource is offering a free membership to users – it provides users with free downloadable resources, an endless pool of insights from various people, forums and chats for the community to collaborate and interact, and so much more. Sign up now – it’s free! 

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The Writing Resource Background

My name is Maddy, and I created The Writing Resource upon the idea of a little purple book I own. I had kept this book for years and complied words I had overheard, book suggestions I received, poem excerpts I loved, tips I discovered, and other resources I wanted to try out! I was flicking through this little purple book one day while I was procrastinating from actually writing, and thought maybe some other people would find it useful too. So I transferred my little book online. I have the hope that my personal writing resource will maybe help a few other writers out there. Let me know if there’s a book you want to hear about or a writing tool you want to be reviewed! Have fun exploring The Writing Resource! (Don’t be afraid to leave a comment or follow The Writing Resource on our social media pages!)