So last week on The Writing Resource, we discussed the difference between telling and sensory descriptions. This week, we’re going to give you a free downloadable PDF for sight words to help you start crafting beautiful descriptions. It will be the first in a series of five downloadable PDF’s so keep an eye on our blog or subscribe below and we’ll send it right to your inbox! 

First, a quick recap:

Telling descriptions are simple sentences that tell the reader what is happening without much description. While, sensory descriptions provide detail that stirs the reader’s memories in terms of sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.

Telling Description: The girl couldn’t contain the smile on her face. She felt happy for once.

Sensory Description: The thunderous rain hitting the roof only added to her excitement. The thudding echoed her heart’s as goosebumps rose on her skin. She couldn’t contain the smile of her face as she breathed in the fresh air. The earthy smell washing away the grime from the earth.

Both types of descriptions are necessary for a balanced story but we often don’t get that balance right. So The Writing Resource is here to help!

Sight Words

As promised we’re providing our readers with sensory description tables every Monday for the next five weeks so check out the image below or download the PDF version here:

104 Words to Describe Sight

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104 Words to Describe Sight


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