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The Porthole Window on the Train

Long days are followed by short nights. It’s a repetitive cycle, draining and seemingly endless. Once every now and then the silence of the quiet carriage entrances me. Whisking through the doors and trudging up Read more…


3 Ways to Keep Writing

You’ve finally started your epic novel. It’s going to be a best seller, the idea is amazing, your main character is complex and real, you even have your plot details planned. But… you haven’t touched Read more…


3 Ways to Start Writing

So you have an idea, maybe a main character, or even a novel outline, and you’ve finally sorted out time to write. But the blank page is sitting in front of you laughing. How do Read more…


Finding time to write

When you start out on the long journey to becoming a published author, the biggest struggle is often actually finding time to write. Life just gets in the way. Whether it be a newborn baby, Read more…


7 Ways to Get Over Writer’s Block

You’re sitting there, staring at the screen. It’s endlessly white, the starkness of it scorching your eyes as they glaze over, unblinking and empty. There’s just that one black blinking line mocking you. You can’t Read more…